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A Kirkus Reviews recommended book:
Journeys of Lightheartedness

"It is easy to be easygoing when you feel at home no matter where you are. There is a certain giddiness to be derived in finding the exotic at home, and in uncovering home in the far-flung land. It sets the soul to dancing, unless the soul prefers to sing."

–From Journeys of Lightheartedness

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Lyrical descriptions of nature and an awareness of the past—prehistory onward—enliven an essay about Charleston and Edisto Island    

— Kirkus Reviews

"The author has a magical way with words and quickly had me vicariously enjoying the delights of Paris and the primitive beauty of Patmos, and remembering fondly the ubiquitous buttered roll that is the breakfast of so many busy New Yorkers."

–Jack Magnus, Readers Favorite Review

"Excellent reconstructed dialogue and Bill Bryson–esque humor. ... A solid set of reflections on the places that make a life."

–Kirkus Reviews

Richard wins first in WNA 

Open Government/FOIA reporting

Richard has earned the the 2017 Wisconsin Newspaper Association award for best in state reporting on open government and Freedom of Information Act issues. The award was given at the annual WNA convention this past February.

Richard earned the award for his production of a series of stories stemming from The Lakeland Times' pursuit of records that, after their release, exposed rape allegations against a sheriff's deputy, who had resigned but ended up working as an officer in another county.