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Roys, Barnes win polls at Wisconsin Democratic convention

Party base continues to march to the Left
Posted by Richard Moore
June 4, 2018

They may not be indicative of how Democratic rank-and-file voters feel, but the straw polld at this past weekend’s state Democratic convention was very indicative of thew ay party activists tilt, and that’s way to the Left.

In the polls, Democratic candidate for governor Kelda Roys won the WisPolitics straw poll, with 23.3 percent of the vote, nearly twice as high as the next highest vote-getter, Mahlon Mitchell, who took 11.8 percent.

“I’m running for governor because I have a vision for our Wisconsin as a place of opportunity and fairness,” Roys s​aid. ​“Today’s poll proves that Wisconsin voters are excited to vote for a leader with a positive vision for our state, not just vote against things. We’re gaining momentum every day by sharing our values of opportunity and fairness, with a hopeful, optimistic vision for our future.”

Roys said it was her fourth consecutive straw poll win, having previously placed first in the 2nd Congressional District Democratic Convention, on air on the Devil’s Advocates radio show, and at the Educators Amplified WRRP Radio and WEAC Region 7 forum. 

She said she also placed in the top four at the Racine County Democratic Party straw poll.

“These results prove beyond a doubt that Kelda Roys is a frontrunner in this campaign,” ​said campaign spokesperson Brian Evans.​ “She is the only candidate for governor who is continually gaining momentum. Time after time, Wisconsinites who are the most engaged and paying the most attention are voting for Kelda Roys as our nominee and our next governor. It’s clear that the more voters learn about Kelda Roys’ vision for Wisconsin’s future, the more they support her.”

In the straw poll for lt. governor, Mandela Barnes won with 80.9 percent of the vote in a two-way race, earning 617 out of 763 total votes.

Mandela called for party unity.

“If we’re going to be victorious this November, we need to come together as a party, by bringing together all shades of blue,” Mandela said. “Big corporations have written the rules for far too long in this state, and this is the year that we as Democrats need to lead with a vision. A blue wave is definitely possible, but it won’t just happen. It’s going to take every one of us making a splash.”

Barnes is a former two-term state legislator, community organizer, and policy professional from Milwaukee.